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Glacier Point Ski Lodge, Yosemite

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 2:04 pm
by helen
Date: 04-28-2001 14:57

In January of 1998 (a GREAT snow year), five of us skied from the main Badger Pass Ski Area out Glacier Point Road to the new Glacier Point Lodge. We spent the night in warm, cozy comfort while it snowed 12 inches outside, then returned to Badger Pass the next day.. This trip must be reserved through the Cross Country ski area at Badger Pass. See

A guide is assigned to accompany each group. This guide has keys to the Lodge, starts a fire, and prepares an absolutely delicious, hot meal. There are hot drinks constantly available, snacks, plenty of beds and a spectacular view of Half Dome right outside the front door. It was a very special outing and worth the approximately $100.00 cost. A continental-style breakfast is available and a lunch for each day is provided. For us, it snowed heavily all night, then the storm broke the following day and we had fabulous, snow-covered views - even of the valley!

Truly spectacular