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Hiking in Yosemite in March

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 9:09 pm
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Author: Jennifer (---.Stanford.EDU)
Date: 03-06-03 14:05

I'm trying to plan a trip to Yosemite in March and have been searching for information about whether trails are covered with snow, etc., etc.
Right now we're thinking of an overnight trek to the North Dome via Snow Creek Falls and returning via Yosemite Falls. Would we need snowshoes for this?
I've heard that to hike in the Mariposa area, snowshoes are necessary. Can anyone confirm this?
Finally, we were thinking of hiking to Chilnualna Falls - again, is this doable in March without snowshoes?

Re: Hiking in Yosemite in March
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 03-06-03 14:17

Yes the trail is covered in snow. YOu can probably make it up a good part of the Snow Creek trail without snow (it gets a lot of sun), but once at the valley rim, there's snow all over.

YOu can do Snow Creek to Yosemite Falls in a day, if you're in good shape. It's hard to find the trail if it snowed recently, but sometimes there's track to follow. It's hard to follow trails in the trees in snow.
You need snowshoes or you'll have a hard time walking.

Mariposa is a lot lower. It has snow, but I'd feel fine walking around without snowshoes. The snow gets hard and compacted there quickly.

Re: Hiking in Yosemite in March
Author: ken (
Date: 04-06-03 20:17

What about overnight to halfdome?

Re: Hiking in Yosemite in March
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 04-06-03 22:10

That only takes a (long) day. You can no longer camp on Half Dome (I understand some campers were burning the few trees left on top).

1-2 day hike in March

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 11:33 am
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Author: John Berube (
Date: 02-23-06 22:04

Hi there,

I'll be visiting Yosemite with a group of four in March (11th-12th). It's our first time for all of us and we could use some advice as to what part of the park would make for a good trip.

We'll probably not want to do anything of higher than moderate difficulty. We want scenery, but are probably not skilled enough to hike too high up into the mountains. I'm thinking that, ideally, we could drive to a parking spot, hike for 4 or 5 hours, take lots of pictures, then set up camp, either at a campground, a cabin, or in the woods.

Could anyone offer suggestions for a moderate, scenic hike in march, in which we would spend one night?


Re: 1-2 day hike in March
Author: Jon Shannon (
Date: 02-26-06 13:09


Since you are going in March, you will be a little limited in your choices because a lot of the trails will likely be still covered in snow. Here are a few possibilities:

1) Spend your time hiking in the Valley (try the mid Valley loop - it's about 61/2 miles and should take around 3-4 hours). You will enjoy some wonderful views of some of Yosemite's icons - Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, El Capitan, Cathedral Rocks. If you have more time, you could add on part of the Full Loop (Wester portion).

2) One of the best hikes in Yosemite, as far as I'm concerned (especially for the first timer) is the Vernal Falls trail (AKA the Mist trail). Only concern right now is the snow (I don't know to what extent snow is a factor on that trail right now). You could plan on going as high up as you can until you reach snow, and turn around. (If it were summer, and you had more time, I would include Nevada Fall in this suggestion).

3) You could also hike the trail to Columbia Rock on the Yosemite Falls trail. It often remains clear of snow even when other trails are covered. It is only 2 miles rt, and is somewhat unrelenting, so it can take 2-3 hours. You get wonderful views of Upper Yosemite Falls, as well as the entire valley.

A couple other suggestions that you can drive to: you must go to Valley View, as it affords you with incomparable views of the Valley, and
Bridalveil Fall; also, Tunnel View is an area that has been photographed over and over again...for good reason.

Hope this helps..enjoy the trip to Yosemite!!

Jon Shannon

Re: 1-2 day hike in March
Author: John Berube (
Date: 02-27-06 01:32

Thanks Jon, that was very helpful!

Re: 1-2 day hike in March
Author: Jon Shannon (
Date: 02-27-06 04:42

Anytime John. Have a great time!