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yosemite national park vs mammoth lakes, california

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 9:23 pm
by archive
Author: Hambik (
Date: 01-18-06 15:02

Me and a couple of buddies were planning a camping trip. We just can't decide which where to go between yosemite or mammoth. Were fully aware of each of the distinational distances but just never been there and was hoping you guys can tell me which spot is more popular. Me and my buddies are crazy about camping were all about the outdoors, were also hoping to see alot of wild life. Any tip or suggestion is greatly appriciated.

Re: yosemite national park vs mammoth lakes, california
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 01-18-06 16:27

It depends on what you want. First off, I assume you mean Mammoth Lakes, California (not Mammoth Hot Springs, Montana, in Yellowstone National Park).

Yosemite is more popular (and more crowded).
Mammoth has less restrictions, as it's not in a National Park (you can Mountain Bike and take your dog, for example).

Yosemite has slightly more wildlife (I've seen deer, black bear, and coyote in Yosemite than Mammoth).

Re: yosemite national park vs mammoth lakes, california
Author: Hambik (
Date: 01-19-06 08:54

Hey thanx alot Dan, you've been a great deal of help. Yeah, i meant Mammoth lakes and it looks like were destined to go to yosemite strickly because of the wild life. Thank you for putting things in to perspective.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2009 8:35 am
by GarethConnors
Although Yosemite will have more of a crowd, it is just stunningly beautiful and I would not miss an opportunity to visit and explore there if you've never been.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:09 am
by Alwaysthinkin
Yosemite all the way.