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Transport to Tuolumne 7/4 for backpack shuttle

Hiking, backpacking, running, biking, climbing, rafting, and other human-powered activities in Yosemite National Park

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Transport to Tuolumne 7/4 for backpack shuttle

Postby archive » Sun Jan 21, 2007 10:27 pm

Author: eileensd (---.ousd.k12.ca.us)
Date: 06-08-05 14:11

Hi there...

I'm leaving from SF or Berkeley and need to pick up my wilderness permit from Tuolumne on Tuesday, July 5. My ride had to back out... so now I need help figuring out the best way to get there (and stay the night somewhere on the 4th. *right*). Any advice? I'm looking at the YARTS schedule from Merced... I guess I'll take Greyhound to Merced from the Bay Area... Does anyone know how long it takes on the bus from Merced to the Valley? Then I'll have to catch a shuttle from the Valley to Tuolumne - anyone know how many there are each day? Seems it'd be best to get to the Valley on the 4th... hitch up to Tuolumne that night and sleep....??? Help!


Re: Transport to Tuolumne 7/4
Author: Mike (---.dsl.sktn01.pacbell.net)
Date: 06-09-05 13:22

Tioga Road is still closed. Hopefully by then it will be open...

Re: Transport to Tuolumne 7/4
Author: Dan Anderson (---.west.biz.rr.com)
Date: 06-09-05 13:34

Assuming the road opens, by then (the road's plowed 1 lane, but there's avalanche danger still now) . . .

The YARTs bus goes from Merced to the Valley, the another route goes from the Valley to Mammoth and stops along the way on Tioga Road, where it's safe, on request.

The ride from the Valley to Tuolumne takes about 2 hours, less if you get off before then. The problem is you have to wait for the once-daily bus.

You can hitch-hike, but I've found visitors are unlikely to pick you up. Locals are more likely, so try and catch them in the morning or evening when they are commuting. A bus is more reliable.

Re: Transport to Tuolumne 7/4
Author: eileensd (---.hsd1.ca.comcast.net)
Date: 06-09-05 14:38

I know it may be cutting it close as far as the road is concerned... spoke to a ranger who indicated it *should* open on/by the 4th.

Dan - Do you know when the YARTs bus leaves the Valley for Mammoth? Does it stop *at* Tuolumne, or would I just get off along Tioga and walk (how far?)?

If I want to be in Tuolumne on the 5th, it seems I should arrive (via Merced) in the Valley on the 4th. I know the Backpackers' campground in the Valley is only for folks with permits for the next day (right?); does anyone know if I would be able to camp there if I show my permit reservation confirmation for the Lyell Canyon trailhead (as opposed to a trailhead in Yosemite Valley), entry date 7/5?

And I guess if the road isn't open I'm screwed...

Thanks for your assistance, folks!


Re: Transport to Tuolumne 7/4
Author: Dan Anderson (---.west.biz.rr.com)
Date: 06-09-05 20:29

As I said, you can get off the bus anywhere along the Tioga Road, as long
as it's safe (anywhere there is parking, including Tuolumne).

The schedule has the times it leaves Mammoth.

The backpackers campground is good for people backpacking anywhere the next day.

Re: Transport to Tuolumne 7/4
Author: Keith (152.16.143.---)
Date: 06-10-05 09:38

Amtrak offers a very reasonably priced train ticket from the Emeryville station in Oakland to Merced. This may be cheaper and/or quicker than the Greyhound method.


Re: Transport to Tuolumne 7/4
Author: Mike (---.dsl.sktn01.pacbell.net)
Date: 06-10-05 11:29


It doesn't matter what trailhead you depart from. You can camp in any of the backpacker CG with a valid backcountry permit. I've stayed in the one in the valley once and up in Tuolumne as well. Never saw a Ranger.

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