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Little Yosemite Valley night temps?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:18 am
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Author: Chris (
Date: 09-03-02 17:42

Hi all.
I'm planning an overnight stay at or near Little Yosemite Valley.
My 65 year old dad and myself want to hike Half Dome, but I don't want him to feel rushed, so an overnight stay is the answer.

Anyway, the trip is planned for September 29th, 2002.

Does anyone know what the temperature at that elevation usually is at night?
Trying to decide how much extra clothing, camping equipment, etc., I'll need to haul up the mountain for one night.

Thanks for any info. Coming from Cincinnati, which might be a total of 300' above seal level, all experience is appreciated.

Of course we'll be carrying a couple of Anchor Steam beers to enjoy at the top!


Re: Little Yosemite Valley night temps?
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 09-03-02 17:52

Night will be cold, around freezing.
Day will be in the 70s.
See also and click on "climate."

Re: Little Yosemite Valley night temps?
Author: jsambe (
Date: 09-09-02 00:19

I was just up there Fri/Sat night. It was close to freezing, but not quite. There were pools of water/ice on the dome at be prepared to bundle up.