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Re: Route Advice from Glen Aulin TM 3 Nights

PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 7:11 am
by Phil

Here's the massively abbreviated version. It's just basically how to get the permit to hike to Ten Lakes, and nothing about trip conditions.

The normal route up to the basin from that side is via the Yosemite Creek/Ten Lakes trailhead. With a walk-up, that may or may not be available. Your alternate entries are either via White Wolf or Luken's Lake. You'll add about 3-4 miles on Day 1, but at least you'll get on the trail and still stay well below your daily mileage limits. Both give you far better odds of getting a permit because quota impacts are lesser than YC/TL on any given day.

Use this link so you can get it sorted out and see for yourself: ... lheads.pdf

Any way you go, get an early start if it's hot and you want better campsite choices. With a permit for any of the three entry trailheads, you can use the backpacker's camp at White Wolf the night before your trip.