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Trip Report: June 21-23; Sunrise Trailhead--Yosemite Valley

Hiking, backpacking, running, biking, climbing, rafting, and other human-powered activities in Yosemite National Park

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Trip Report: June 21-23; Sunrise Trailhead--Yosemite Valley

Postby Bachus » Mon Jun 27, 2016 1:00 pm

Trip Report: Sunrise Trailhead to Sunrise Lakes to Clouds Rest to Yosemite Valley

A special thanks to ErinJ86 and everyone else for sharing your insights and advise. It definitely helped make the trip go smoothly and one to remember the rest of our lives.

Trip Date: June 21-23

Every day was 100% clear skies with no clouds. Was an extra bonus having it stay light well past 9pm. We stayed at the middle Sunrise Lake which I highly recommend. It was a near perfect trip.

For most of the entire hike I’d rate the mosquitos at a 0 to 1 rating. At the Sunrise Trailhead we were swarmed (2-3), but beyond that they weren’t very noticeable. We only used Deet that first day because of the conditions at the trailhead, but beyond that we used nothing (and wore shorts/short-sleeve tees the rest of the trip).


The trails were essentially free of snow, except for the switchbacks coming into the Sunrise/Clouds Rest trail junction. During this section there were some pretty good sections of the trail that were 100% snow covered which caused us to pause a few times and question which way to go (the park ranger shared the day before one group had to do 4 rescues for groups that had gotten turned around in this section). If you’re able to navigate using cairns and tree blazes you should be good there. Also, with the warm temps last week the snow was melting quickly.

Tenaya Lake Crossing:

If you used the stepping stones the water level was ankle deep and would completely cover your boots. If you walked across the streambed the water is around mid-calf. An easy crossing either way.


Just a heads up that our last night we stayed at one of the Sunrise Creek sites (near the JMT/Half Dome trail junction). When the park ranger stop that evening to check our permits she gave us a heads up that we were in a heavy bear activity area and that every site in that area should except a visitor at night. She was happy to see our bear cans. Though we didn’t have one come through our site, my friend did her other hikers yelling at a bear around 1:30am. Also, we were up at 5am breaking down camp (we were 100’ off of the trail) where we heard a hiker yelling at a bear.
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