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May lake to Ten lakes Hike

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May lake to Ten lakes Hike

Postby xcorat » Sun Aug 31, 2008 9:50 pm

I started this thread to share couple of important info (or so I think,) on my hike on ten lakes trail.

Maylake trail head -> Maylake -> Tenlakes -> Ten Lakes/Yosemite creek trail head
I seriously did not see any mosquitoes at all. Camped at around 9200-9400 ft, So this might not apply to the valley area.

Eventhough the ranger I spoke to and Bill was confident that i would find water along the way, I couldn't find any water (not counting a couple of very small creeks with a handful of water droplets right after the may lake) from May lake to the top of the trail along eastern face of the tuolumne peak (approx 5hr hike). After that, water was not a problem.

Permit line(Tuesday):
With bill's information and from what I read on other sites, I expected to see at least a small line. But alas, there was not a single person inside the information center at the highway 120 entrance(from west) That was at about 8.15-8.30am and I could get 6 permits to ten lakes, which I thought was amazing.

The hike to the May lake (1mi) was not crowded at all. I might have seen 5-10 people up and down. But with the fact that it was a Tuesday, I guess that number would more than double in a weekend.
The Hike from may lake to ten lakes, and to the trail head from there was amazingly free of hikers. I met a couple from DC doing a 4 day hike on the same trail and another hiker from White Wolf near the eastern most Ten lake. And that was all.

Overall trail was really spectacular too, specially the meadows after the may lake and the along the 'south creek(????)', Ten lakes area and the half moon meadow. Temperatures were around 30-35 at night. The night I camped, tuolumne meadows had a minimum of 30F temp (that definitely must hav been lower over 9000ft).

And about my hike, It took around 5 hrs in first day to get to the north face of the tuolumne peak where you start switchbacks to descend. And the second day, It took around 8hrs to get to the ten lakes trail head via ten lakes. with about 45min-1hr break near a ten lake. So It basically took 13 hrs to hike that 21mi trail.....!!!

Thanks agn to bill and joe for your info.
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