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Half Dome Hike

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 11:39 pm
by archive
Author: Ken Paquia (63.87.39.---)
Date: 06-02-04 11:39

I plan to hike half dome overnight. Where do you leave your overnight backpack as you ascend half dome? Do you hang it up the trees and retrieve it later? Thanks

Re: Half Dome Hike
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 06-02-04 11:47

Leave your backpack in camp, perhaps hidden away from the trail.

Food must be in a bear canister.

Hanging in the trees won't help.

Re: Half Dome Hike
Author: Greg Higgerson (
Date: 06-02-04 12:06


My father-in-law and I plan to do just as Dan has suggested. We'll leave our camp set up while we head for Half Dome first thing in the morning, then pack up on our way back through. We'll leave any food/smelly stuff in the bear lockers, but will use our canister if they are filled. If possible, we'll try to hide or otherwise stash our full-size packs out of view somewhere (open & unzipped), and carry only camelbaks and a waist-pack with cameras, snacks, etc. to the summit.

Re: Half Dome Hike
Author: Ken Paquia (63.87.39.---)
Date: 06-02-04 14:21

Thanks Dan. How much stuff do I have to carry? I bought a 5400 Cu. in. back pack. I figure a sleeping bag, a tent, and a mat would be enough. Can I get away without a sleeping bag. I am going in July.

Re: Half Dome Hike
Author: Ken Paquia (63.87.39.---)
Date: 06-02-04 14:29

When are you planning to go? I am planning to go first week of July. If you go before I do, let me know how you did? Are you going via the Mist Trail? How much stuff do you plan to pack?


Re: Half Dome Hike
Author: Dan Anderson (
Date: 06-03-04 12:06

I would bring no more than 40-45 pounds. You can get it down to 30-35 pounds with work, but if you are only going to Little Yosemite Valley, it doesn't make much difference.

Bring the sleeping bag. It's worth a night's sleep. Most people bring too much food and clothing.

Re: Half Dome Hike
Author: Ken Paquia (63.87.39.---)
Date: 06-16-04 10:43

Where is the overnight parking in Yosemite?


Re: Half Dome Hike
Author: Dan (
Date: 06-16-04 11:15

Overnight parking for backpackers is just west of the Upper Pines Campground (and just east of Camp Curry).

Secure your car--bears and not-so-nice people sometimes prowl the area.

No camping is allowed in any parking lot in Yosemite.

Re: Half Dome Hike
Author: Mike Jensen (
Date: 06-28-04 16:08

Did this hike last Friday/Saturday, 6/25-26. Hiked with a full backpack from Happy Isles to Little Yosemite Valley. Spent the night there. Left our tents and gear at the campsite, and just took a camelback up to Half Dome. Early Sat morning left for HD, went to the top, and then hiked back down to camp in LYV. Loaded up our tents and gear into our backpacks and headed back down to the valley. Little Yosemite Valley campgrounds has bear-proof food lockers at each campsite. No fires, except a community campfire that is well-attended. I believe there are at least two, if not three of those. Great way to get up to Half Dome. I had eight other family members with me, and six of them had never been backpacking before. Two women got to the cables and stopped, the rest of us pushed on and reached the top. My only regret was the crowds. Heavy traffic on the trails on Saturday. I would only do this on a early weekday from now on. Crowds on the trails and on the cables make the experience a little less enjoyable.

- Mike

Re: Half Dome Hike
Author: AM (
Date: 07-12-04 12:28

Beware of the squirrels! I have seen them eating holes into peoples' packs at the base of Half dome-take all food out and leave everything open!

Re: Half Dome Hike
Author: john smithyman (
Date: 08-07-04 16:05

I'd like to take my family to Yosemite and camp (outside the park, since inside is full). We'd like to drive into the Valley, get a first-come-first-served wilderness permit, and hike to Little Yosemite Valley on Thursday August 12.

We would climb Half Dome on Friday morning. My questions:

1) Can you leave a car in the Valley for two nights?
2) How far from the Valley to Little Yosemite Campground?
3) Is it practical to expect to get a Wilderness permit by showing up?
If so, what time and where? And is it the day before or the day of?

Would appreciate any advice and information. Kids are teenagers.

John Smithyman

Re: Half Dome Hike
Author: Dan Anderson (10.11.12.---)
Date: 08-07-04 17:30

1) Yes, you leave your car in the Backpackers Parking Lot--which is between the Upper Pines Campground and Curry Village. You'll get a map to the parking lot with your Wilderness Permit.

2) From Happy Isles, it's about 5 miles (from memory). It's the uphill that counts though. It's a little over 2000' uphill.

3) Don't know. You can get it the day before--your best chance is when they open in the morning the day before. Some people line up before they open.

Re: Half Dome Hike
Author: bob (
Date: 08-16-04 18:32

Ur gonna freeze. but the sun rise will b worth it