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Gemcraft: All Things You Need to Know Are Here

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Gemcraft: All Things You Need to Know Are Here

Postby davidspen » Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:33 pm

The creator of the game GemCraft was a Hungarian studio by the name Game In A Bottle. It is a flash game which was originally released in the year 2008, 26th of June. Ever since it has become one of the most popular online games no download or installation and has drawn the attention of people from various age groups. This game is very enticing and what makes it so special is the fact that it keeps the players engaged and fully involved in it. Till now, it has gone through many updates, and today, in the year 2018, it is available with whole new features which have made it even more interesting and exciting.

Different Versions of GemCraft

There are different versions of this game available.

The initial release of the game was GemCraft Chapter One: The Forgotten. But presently, there are the following different versions of this game available:
GemCraft Chapter One: The Forgotten (released in 2008)
GemCraft Chapter Zero: Gem of Eternity (released in 2009)
GemCraft lost chapter: Labyrinth (released in 2011)
GemCraft Chapter Two: Chasing Shadows (released in 2014)
Another version of GemCraft is under development, which will be released with the name “GemCraft Lost Chapter: Frostborn Wrath.” ‘GemCraft Chapter Two: Chasing Shadows’ is the sequel of the first version of the game. Today, GemCraft is considered to be one of the most popular Tower Defense games. The fact that it can be played on mobile devices has added the element of convenience and flexibility to it.

Why Is This Game So Popular?

With numerous difficulty levels and challenges, it keeps the player engaged and involved completely to it.

There are various reasons as to why GemCraft is regarded as one of the most popular online games. It is a great way to pass idle time. With numerous difficulty levels and challenges, it keeps the player engaged and involved completely to it. The very fact that the different versions of this game were launched over a period of 7 years, and the next version can be released in the 10th year speaks volume about its popularity and what it has to offer to the gamers.

What Is the Game All About?

Once the players choose to play they need to take the gems that are provided and make combinations of multiple gems and place them in the towers. The player can make various combinations of the gems depending on which it will build the following various effects:
Splash damage
Damage over time
Triple damage
On a regular basis, wizards would summon monsters in order to complete their demands. This all goes on a toss when a highly powerful monster emerges that is highly difficult for the wizards to control.

The monsters are indestructible, however, they can be contained within the “Gem of Eternity.”

Containing these demons is possible only for a couple of decades. When the demon escapes again, in order to recapture her a new gem should be produced.

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What Are Shrines in Gemcraft?

It is not possible to build the shrines in the GemCraft 0 and 2; however, it is possible to build them in the GemCraft Labyrinth version.

Shrines are nothing but a feature that this game has introduced in it. This feature was introduced first in Chapter 0 of the game. It is not possible to build the shrines in the GemCraft 0 and 2; however, it is possible to build them in the GemCraft Labyrinth version.

Use of Shrines

The gems that are present in this game should be placed within these shrines that will result in producing various effects. Commonly the effects will be greater if the number of gems dropped in the shrines is greater; the more the better.

Features of Shrines

They provide different effects depending on gems you drop.
They cannot be demolished.
It is not possible to construct them on the way in the game.

Effects in GemCraft Chapter Zero: Gem of Eternity

Gem Transmute: It converts all the gems present in your archive into the color of gem that you insert in it. However, if there already same colored gems present in it, there will be no conversion.
Armor Piercing: The armor worn by the monsters is reduced when you hit with this shrine. The intensity will depend on the gem dropped in the shrine.
Charged Bolts: Shoots bolts that will creep towards your target. The bolts are of short range.
Special Damage: Permits boosted debuff to several monsters that are present on the field. The intensity will depend on the color of gem dropped.
Colors That Grants This Effect:
Experience: Addition of experience, as well as the multiplier, is done to the already existing experience. This will depend on the number of monsters that are shot by the shrines.
Anger: Lowers the players’ mana into half following which the monsters are shot upon releasing the shots. The damage will depend on how much mana is lowered.
Mana Tap: Depending on the grade of gem that is dropped a certain percent of mana of the player is increased. The increase in mana will also depend on the maximum level possible. The mana is again increased more depending on the intensity of the monsters affected.
Flash Beam: There is the firing of beams made up of thunder in four different way. Following which the monsters that are present in that path are diminished.
Effects in GemCraft Labyrinth

This version consists of two types of shrines.

This version consists of two types of shrines. Both of them provide a powerful effect. The ratio of damage caused to the monsters is 2% time the gem that has been dropped and it is rounded off at 90%. This is done so that the monsters are not killed immediately by the shrines.
Change Bolt Shrine: Bolts that are of a short range are released which will creep towards the targeted monsters.
Lightning Shrine: There are thunders fired in four different ways.

Effects in GemCraft Chapter 2

This version of the game consists of 9 different shrines which depend on 9 different types of colors of gems. Every shrines damage all the targets and the armor and shields are ignored. There are special effects in added to this.
Gem Enhancement Shrine: Depending on the gem dropped there is highest damage possible is done to the enemies. Along with this, the gem is returned to the player.
Shrine of Blades: From all the enemies that are struck, cutting of certain percentage of the present strike point happens.
Shrine of Corrosion: The enemies that are struck with this will lose their armor.
Shrine of Energy: Every time you strike an enemy the player will get mana.
Shrine of Focus: Extra charge is added succeeding all the struck enemies.
Shrine of Infection: The enemies that are struck by this shrine will have delayed healing for some time.
Shrine of Time: The speed of the enemies that are struck by this will be reduced to half for about 30 seconds.
Shrine of Venom: Dispenses poison injury for about 30 seconds.
Shrine of Wisdom: Following every struck to the enemy an experience is provided.
This game is built on a fiction related environment which revolves around wizards and monsters that are powerful. GemCraft is undoubtedly one of the most popular games available today. Its multiple features and variations make it even more special.

It is a single-player game. If you want some absorbing multiplayer ones to join with your partner, make sure to check out these online games for couples in long distance relationships.
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Re: I visited Yosemite. Where should I go?

Postby balzaccom » Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:53 pm

First of all, tell us what time of year, and how many days.

If you only have one or two days, then focus on seeing all that you can see in Yosemite Valley---hike to the waterfalls, explore the meadows, visit the museum and enjoy the shuttle rides around the valley.

If you have more time, then you can add in a visit to one of the Sequoia groves, and maybe a drive to Glacier Point, where you can hike to Taft Point and Sentinel Dome.

More time? Now we have to start making some plans...
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