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[Yosemite] Yosemite Polls

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The longest time I've been in Yosemite is
 [tally] 21
1 day
 [tally] 7
 [tally] 3
3-4 days
 [tally] 15
5-9 days
 [tally] 21
10-19 days
 [tally] 7
20-30 days
 [tally] 1
1-2 months
 [tally] 0
3 months
 [tally] 2
4-11 months
 [tally] 1
1-3 years
 [tally] 2
3-9 years
 [tally] 1
10 years or more
 [tally] 11
votes: 92 Polls


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