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Public Showers at Camp Curry; dirty Upper Pines toilets

Discussion of camping and road-accessible campgrounds in and near Yosemite National Park

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Public Showers at Camp Curry; dirty Upper Pines toilets

Postby archive » Sun Jan 21, 2007 11:28 pm

Author: Mitch (---.adnap.net.au)
Date: 08-21-02 17:54

People might be interested in my diary report on the toilets at the Upper Pines Camping Ground:

Our campsite at Yosemite was great and the park was spectacular, although I was stunned by the campsite’s appalling toilet facilities, which would have been better located in a 3rd world country. There were also no showering facilities. So while we stayed in Yosemite for six nights, neither of us had a proper wash until we arrived at Pfeiffer, Big Sur, on the seventh night of our trip.

One evening at Yosemite I chuckled to myself as I wandered into the appalling toilet block (which contained only one wash basin, one urinal, and one toilet cubical for about 150 campers). One man was at the basin brushing his teeth, two feet away on the same wall, another was urinating, and two feet from him and on the same wall but on the other side of a flimsy toilet partition, a third bloke was in the cubical anonymously and shamelessly straining and grunting! I thought to myself: "Yosemite - Nature's wonderland.... and where in the space of a few short yards, three blokes can share a wash, a piss and a pooh!"

The cubical had no rollers for the supplied toilet paper. Instead, the rolls were jammed tight on wide rectangular shaped bars, so that rather than pulling the paper, and having it unravel easily, one had to unwind the paper from around the bars..... Needless to say, shredded paper adorned the floor where desperadoes trying to wipe their backsides had frantically - and probably in vain - clawed at the rolls.

Public Showers at Camp Curry
Author: Dan Anderson (---.san.rr.com)
Date: 08-21-02 21:29

I agree the campground toilets can get pretty bad, depending on who is maintaining (or not maintaining them). They usually get worse if someone is off or it's a busy weekend. There doesn't always seem to be a designated replacement maintenance person.

Anyway, for showers, go to Camp Curry. They have public showers next to the pool. You pay 1 or 2 bucks and get a towel and soap and can shower to your hearts delight. Warm water and no time limit.

For laundry, you can go to housekeeping camp. It's open year around for laundry. Bring cash or coins.

Re: Public Showers at Camp Curry
Author: Mitch (---.adnap.net.au)
Date: 08-21-02 21:53


Thanks for your speedy response. I am a travel writer, and (sadly) I am not likely to
revisit, simply due to the distance and cost.

My son and I - perhaps in our Australian ignorance - did all our washing at our Upper Pines Campsite in a plastic bucket, for while we saw the "house-keeping" sign, to us it meant a place where staff stored linen and cleaning equipment etc (such are the nuances of the English language!). We only discovered it housed a public laundromat on the day we left for Big Sur!

As things transpired, even the showers at Camp Curry were dreadful compared to
those in campsites in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. So each morning we would drive to the Ahwahnee, pretend to be high rollers, and simply wash in their exquisite public toilet area *laughs*. At least it was clean, and we had endless supplies of hot water! But the coffee there tended to be very expensive!!!

Despite my complaint, Yosemite was everything I had hoped for - and more. With the exception of the woeful third world toilet blocks which are utterly disgraceful and reflect very adversely on the NP Servicel, I wrote several glowing articles. The toilets actually suggest the NP Service should be more flushed with failure, rather than being flushed with success.


Re: Public Showers at Camp Curry
Author: Steve (---.proxy.aol.com)
Date: 10-15-02 08:30

I'd agree with Dan that Camp Curry has good facilities. I'm not suggesting for a moment that I wasn't delighted to return to the welcome and private world of en suite outside the park but they were OK.

The shower block next to the pool could have done with new shower curtains but besides that they were good facilities.
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