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Backpacking Yosemite in Dec

Travelling to and visiting Yosemite National Park in Winter and most of Spring, when snow is on the ground. Includes visiting in winter, snow play, downhill and nordic skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, and snow camping.

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Backpacking Yosemite in Dec

Postby archive » Sun Jan 21, 2007 9:00 pm

Author: Zarth (---.peoplesoft.com)
Date: 10-07-03 12:08

Hi all,

I'm planning a winter backpacking trip to Yosemite. We want to experience a snow covered Yosmite. What is the snow coverage like in early Dec?


Re: Backpacking Yosemite in Dec
Author: Zarth (---.peoplesoft.com)
Date: 10-07-03 13:34

Also, what are good routes for a 2 day trip. We are thinking we will either Telemark ski or snowshoe. What is the best method of transportation.

Re: Backpacking Yosemite in Dec
Author: Dan Anderson (---.drydog.com)
Date: 10-07-03 14:52

There's little more than a dusting of snow in early December. Badger Pass usually doesn't open until late December or later, depending on snow levels. There's snow on the ground, but not enough to ski or snowshow on--just enough so you can't drive on the Glacier Point Road or Tioga Road.

Your best bet is the Tuolumne Meadows area, which you can access from the east side (via Highway 120 via Lee Vining). You probably have to walk up 120, as it is closed. More than a 2 day trip.

You can drive to Yosemite or take a bus. Local busses leave from the train and bus stations in the Valley.

Re: Backpacking Yosemite in Dec
Author: BB (---.client.attbi.com)
Date: 11-03-03 20:36

Does anyone have updated info on the snow condition up at (and past) Badger Pass?

With the recent precipitation (and early snows) I was wondering if there is a need for snowshoes up past Badger for a hiking trip (or the opportunity to x-country skis in the backcountry).

Thanks for the info,

Re: Backpacking Yosemite in Dec
Author: Beth Lorenz (---.client.insightBB.com)
Date: 12-01-05 04:03

You sounded like you know Yosemite trails well. Do they have any organized backpacking during Feb. My husband and I have never done Winter backpacking, but want to give it a try. Do you have any suggestions for beginners?

Re: Backpacking Yosemite in Dec
Author: Dan Anderson (---.west.biz.rr.com)
Date: 12-01-05 09:52

If you haven't snow camped before, it's best to go along with someone who has done this before or take a class. You can "just do it", but you'll learn some lessons on staying warm and comfortable the hard way.

The local Sierra Club chapters have winter backpacking classes or winter mountaineering classes of various levels.

The Yosemite Association has winter backpacking classes.

The National Park Service does NOT offer any such class.

The Mountaineering school might have a winter backpacking class, but I'm not sure.
http://www.yosemitepark.com/activitylis ... PageID=237

Most people start out from the parking lot at the Badger Pass Ski Area and head out on the Glacier Point Road (which is closed in Winter) and camp along the way. You need a wilderness permit (available from the A-frame ranger hut there)
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Winter Backcountry Travel

Postby archive » Sun Jan 21, 2007 9:03 pm

Author: Gordie (---.Stanford.EDU)
Date: 12-08-01 22:53

Hi, some friends and I are looking at doing some backcounty snowshoeing or crosscountry skiing. We are looking for a 2-4 day trek. What are the regulations for winter backcountry permits and do you have any recommendations for trials or destinations?


Re: Winter Backcountry Travel
Author: Dan Anderson (---.san.rr.com)
Date: 12-09-01 13:37

There's no limit in winter for backcountry permits. On unplowed roads (such as Glacier Point Road or Tioga Road) you have to camp off the road. The rest is usual--bring out your trash, fires are OK except in the high country (above 9600' I believe).

I recommend trying the Glacier Point Road. You can park at Badger Pass Ski Area (or take the free shuttle bus from Yosemite Valley) and ski or snow shoe in from there. For snowshoeing, you can start at the Tunnel View parking area and hike the Inspiration Point trail and then snowshoe along the south rim of Yosemite Valley.

The Tioga Road is too long for snowshoeing. The North Rim is often too hot and dry for snowshoeing or skiing.

For guidebooks I recommend White's Snowshoe Trails of Yosemite and Messick's Cross Country Skiing in Yosemite
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