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Guardians of the Yosemite (1961) by John W. Bingaman


Darl A. Miller—1905 with the U.S. 4th Cavalry as a Packer for the Troops. 1911 Yosemite Park Teamster, Horse Shoer and Blacksmith. 1946 retired.

Chas. V. Ellis—1915 to 1949 Teamster, Truck Driver, Mechanic Foreman. Retired.

Fred Bruschi—1915 to 1930 Park Blacksmith. Retired.

William P. Grenfell—1915 to 1940 Park Foreman and repair Saddler. Retired.

Joseph N. Garbarino—1915-1937 Teamster, charge of Government stock, Retired on disability.

George A. Jeffery—1915 to 1934 Park Laborer, Road Crew Foreman. Retired 1934.

Joseph Jenkins—May 1, 1915 Park Electrician. 1950 transferred to the Regional Office in San Francisco. Retired.

Sam Cookson—1915-1945 Telephone Lineman and Line Foreman.

Albert Kottner—1916 to 1936 Machinist in charge of Machine Shop.

Al Skelton—1916 to 1931 Teamster, Truck Driver, Labor Foreman.

Cliff Murphy—1917 to 1953 Teamster, Truck Driver, Sanitation Foreman.

Walter Gann—1919-1960 still working Telephone Lineman, Electrician Supervisor.

Oliver Guy Taylor—1920 to 1930 Park Engineer. Transferred to a key position in the Washington Office.

Donald Selby—1916 to 1932 Laborer and Janitor in the Museum and Office Building.

William A. Ellis—1924 to 1956 Power-house Operator and Supervisor of Machine Shop. Retired.

Elton Hilton—January 1, 1925 Engineer. Active in the new development of Yosemite. December 1, 1946 transferred to Regional Office in San Francisco as Park Planner, Chief Reservoir Development and Management. Regional Engineer. Retired 1956.

Hiram S. Shilko—1931 Assistant Engineer. 1942 Park Engineer. 1945 transferred to Region Four Office.

Carlton Smith—1931 Draftsman. October 14,1 1942 Military Furlough. October 1, 1943 returned to Yosemite. 1946 Associate Park Engineer. March 3, 1949 Park Engineer. February 27, 1954 retired on disability.

Charles Hill—May 1, 1944 to 1961 Chief Clerk and Administrative Officer.

William H. Breckenkamp—1939 to 1961 Senior stenographer, Senior Clerk, Personnel Clerk.

If I have overlooked any “Old-Timers” or others who deserve mention in this book be assured the oversight was not intentional.

Seventy years have elapsed since Yosemite was created a National Park. The military and the civilian protection and human events that took place in the Park are recorded in this story. Many of these men have come and gone. It is hoped that through their efforts and service others will carry on as in the past. May Yosemite and all other National Parks, Monuments and Areas with their Master Plan, and wealth of inspirational and recreational experiences be preserved long after our generation, so that future generations can come to rest, enjoy and study nature, where the encroachments of man have been limited to the minimum of exploitation.

“There is something in the quiet contemplation of natural scenery, and particularly in magnificent examples of the Creator’s work, that is elevating, refreshing, restful, and inspiring. It exerts its appeal to the best in us; seeing it makes us better men and women, physically and mentally and spiritually.”

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