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Yosemite History: Carleton E. Watkins, photographer

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Half Dome Yosemite Valley from 'Best General View' Cathedral Rock Stream with trees and mountains in background, Yosemite Valley Cathedral Rock and spire, with lake and trees in foreground Bridalveil Fall Vernal Fall Cathedral Spires El Capitan Bridalveil Fall Half Dome A rocky stream at Yosemite Bridalveil Fall from Cathedral Trail Trees with North Dome in background Washington Column with stream in foreground Three Brothers Small pond at base of cliff, Yosemite Man seated beneath rock formation at the Upper Yosemite Fall Cliff with trees and waterfall, Yosemite Field and mountains, including Half Dome, Yosemite Stream and trees with Cathedral Rock  in background, Yosemite Mirror Lake with trees and mountains Sentinel, 3270 ft., stream in foreground and mountain in background Stream and trees with Nevada Fall in background Trees and cabin with Yosemite Falls in background The Sentinel with lake and trees in foreground Reflection of trees and North Dome in stream Reflection of trees and mountains in lake Reflection of trees and Washington Column in lake Yosemite Falls Nevada Fall Mountain pine tree, on Mount Shasta, Calif. Lower Yosemite Falls Front view, Three Brothers Mirror Lake Entrance to Yosemite Valley Devil Canyon, California Bridalveil Fall Stream and trees with Half Dome in background Entrance to Yosemite Valley Yosemites Domes North Dome Stream with trees and Half Dome in background