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Yosemite: Its Wonders and Its Beauties (1868) by John S. Hittell

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The distances from San Francisco to various points on the steamboat route to Stockton are the following in miles:

Angel Island  4   Benicia29
Red Rock10   Martinez30
San Quentin11   Mouth of San Joaquin river45
Two Brothers12   Antioch59
Son Pablo Point12 1/2   Mouth of Mokelumne river74
San Pedro Point13 1/2     “     “   middle channel of
Two Sisters13 1/2   San Joaquin80
Pinole Point17     “   of Stockton Slough110
Maw Island Strait25   Stockton119
Carquinez   “26  

The distances by the railroad route from San Francisco to Stockton in miles, are as follows:

Oakland  5   Kottinger’s37
San Leandro15   Livermore Pass49
Hayward’s19   San Joaquin river69
Vallejo’s Mill27   Stockton79

The following are the distances, according to Mr. Hutchings, from Stockton to various points on the road to Coulterville, in miles:

12-Mile House (Breakfast)12   Crimea House48
25-Mile House23   Don Pedro’s Bar60
Foot Hills30   Coulterville71
Knight’s Ferry (Dinner)37

The Stage leaves Coulterville about one o’clock in the morning, and the traveler reaches Stockton in time to take the boat of the same day for San Francisco. The following are the distances from Coulterville to various points on the Yosemite trail, in miles:

Bower Cave12   Valley View44
Black’s Inn17   Cascade Bridge46
Deer Flat23   Foot of Trail51
Hazel Green29   Sentinel Hotel56 1/2
Crane Flat35   Yosemite Hotel57

It is generally said now that the distance from Coulterville to Black’s is sixteen miles, and from Black’s to the valley, thirty-five miles; but this may mislead people who think they have found a stopping place as soon as they get into the valley.

The distances from Stockton to various points on the Mariposa road are the following, in miles:

Morley’s, on the Mokelumne   Hornitos69
    river 45   Bear Valley 78
Snelling’s57   Mariposa90

The distances from Mariposa to the different points on the Yosemite trail are thus given by Mr. Hutchings, in miles:

Beech & Co.’s store  1 1/4   Forks of road, trail turning
Bertken’s  1 7/8       to left14 1/2
Spring House  3 1/2   Hogan’s, Fork of Chowchilla15 1/2
Sebastopol  4 1/2   South Fork—main Chow-
Rockwell’s  4 3/8       chilla17 1/2
Persian’s (first Fork of   Upper Crossing18 1/2
    Chowchilla)  5 1/2   Spring, near top of Chow-
Second Fork Chowchilla  6 3/8       chilla ridge19 1/4
Boleton’s (third Fork of   Bridge on Big Creek21 3/8
    Chowchilla)  8 1/8   Clark’s Ranch, South Fork
Thompson’s10 7/8       Merced23 3/8
De Long’s11 1/2   Camp Placido27 1/4
White & Hatch’s11 3/4   Coldwater Creek28 3/4
Fourth Fork Chowchilla12 1/4   Alder Creek29
Short cut-off—across creek13 1/4   Grass Creek29 7/8
Spring (south of road)13 3/4   Dogwood Creek30 3/8


Empire Camp31 1/8   Last Meadow38 1/4
Owl Camp31 5/8   Willow Brook38 3/4
Shallow Creek32 1/8   Inspiration Point, turn-off39
Crystal Creek32 7/8   Spring Gulch39 1/8
Green Spring Flat33 5/8   Grouse Gulch40
Westfall’s Meadow34 3/8   Hermitage40 3/8
Forks of Mono trail, and   Komah turn-off41 3/8
    Ostrander’s34 1/2   Kern Spring (foot of trail)42 3/8
Mountain View, or Big   Bridal Veil43 3/8
    Meadow35 3/8   Cathedral Spires44 3/8
Highest Point on trail37 1/4   Sentinel Hotel46 3/4
Wild Parsnip Gulch37 1/2   Yosemite Hotel47 3/8
Boundary of Yosemite grant37 3/4

The distances from Stockton to Yosemite, by way of Big Oak Flat, are the following, in miles:

Crimea House48   Crane Creek90 1/4
Chinese Camp52   Divide94 3/4
Jacksonville56   Tamarack Flat97 3/4
Big Oak Flat64   Top of Ridge100 3/4
Sprague’s Ranch73 1/2   Foot of Trail103 1/4
Golden Rock Flume77   Sentinel Hotel108 1/2
Harden’s Ranch84   Hutchings’ Hotel109

Instead of going by way of Crimea House, the tourist can go by way of Copperopolis to Chinese Camp, where the two stage lines from Stockton meet. The distance from Stockton to Chinese Camp, by way of Copperopolis, is fifty-seven miles. The Golden Rock Flume, (which was formerly a sight worth seeing) an aqueduct two hundred and sixty-four feet high and 2,200 feet long, has been blown down, and will not be rebuilt. The Big Oak Flat route is the shortest from Stockton, the most picturesque, and is generally preferred by camping parties, but it lacks the accommodations for travelers to be found on the other routes. When those are provided, it will grow in favor. The trip can be made from Big Oak Flat in one day.

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