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Miwok Material Culture: Indian Life of the Yosemite Region (1933) by S. A. Barrett and E. W. Gifford



Plate XXVIII. fig. 1. Sierra foothill region of Central Miwok territory.
fig. 2. Central Miwok country at an altitude of 3,000 to 4,000 feet.
XXIX. fig. 1. The high Sierra region, above Yosemite Valley.
fig. 2. Site of the village of Eyeyaku.
XXX. fig. 1. Handling hot stones with fire tongs.
fig. 2. Conical slab grinding house.
XXXI. figs. 1-5. Wooden implements used in cooking.
figs. 6, 7. Wooden fire tongs.
fig. 8. Acorn granaries.
XXXII. figs. 1-4. Cooking stones.
figs. 5, 7, 8, 10. Stone pestles.
fig. 6. Acorn cracker.
fig. 9. Steatite dish.
XXXIII. Cobblestone pestles.
XXXIV. Stone mortar.
XXXV. figs. 1-3. Small stone mortars.
figs. 4, 5. Stone metates.
XXXVI. Soaproot brushes.
XXXVII. Obsidian and flint points.
XXXVIII. Dance house, exterior and interior.
XXXIX. Bone awls.
XL. Large coiled basket, three-rod technique.
XLI. Coiled basket, multiple-grass technique.
XLII. Coiled cooking baskets, three-rod technique.
XLIII. Coiled baskets, three-rod technique.
XLIV. Coiled cooking baskets, three-rod technique.
XLV. Coiled baskets, three-rod technique.
XLVI. Coiled baskets, three-rod technique.
XLVII. Coiled baskets, single-rod technique.
XLVIII. Coiled basket, single-rod technique.
XLIX. Coiled plate-form baskets, single-rod technique.
L. figs. 1, 2. Plate-form winnowing baskets.
figs. 3, 4. Dipper baskets.
fig. 5. Finely woven, globose basket.
LI. fig. 1. Fire drill.
fig. 2. Coiled basket with split stitch.
fig. 3. Seed beater.
LII. figs, 1, 2, 4-6. Sifters.
fig. 3. Seed beater.
LIII. figs. 1-3. Trinket baskets.
figs. 4-6, 8. Sifters.
fig. 7. Seed beater.
LIV. Burden baskets of twined technique.
LV. figs. 1, 2. Basket rackets.
figs. 3, 4. Wooden balls.
figs. 5, 6. Buckskin-covered balls.
LVI. Tubular pipes.
LVII. figs. 1-6. Bone whistles.
figs. 7, 8. Bones used in making whistles.
figs. 9-14. Gambling bones.
LVIII. fig. 1. Counters used in games.
figs. 2-6. Mesh sticks.
figs. 7-10. Bones from which gambling bones are made.
fig. 11. Acorn extractor.
LIX. fig. 1. Sinew-backed bow.
figs. 2-4. Arrows.
fig. 5. Digging stick.
fig. 6. Mink skin headband.
LX. fig. 1. Manzanita cider swab.
figs. 2, 3. Human hair quail snares.
fig. 4. Wooden arrow straightener.
fig. 5. Whetstone for sharpening bone awls.
fig. 6. Steatite arrow straightener.
LXI. Jackrabbit-skin blanket.
LXII. figs. 1, 2. Summer moccasins.
figs. 3, 4. Hair nets.
LXIII. fig. 1. Invitation string.
fig. 2. Mourning string.
fig. 3. Paint stick.
fig. 4. Olive shells.
fig. 5. Down pouches.
fig. 6. Shell nose stick.
LXIV. Feather dance skirts.
LXV. Feather skirt, rear.
LXVI. Rope of olive shells.
LXVII. Cat’s cradle.
LXVIII. Cat’s cradle.
LXIX. Cat’s cradle.
LXX. figs. 1-3. Acorn buzzers.
figs. 4-6. Acorn tops.
figs. 7,8. Acorn dice.
LXXI. figs 1-3. Gambling bones.
figs. 4, 5. Gamling dice.
LXXII. Feather dance plumes.
LXXIII. Flicker quill headbands.
LXXIV. Cradles.
LXXV. Cradles.
LXXVI. Sections of a pack strap.

1In the “Explanation of Plate” accompanying each individual plate, the N, C, and S after specimen numbers indicate respectively Northern, Central and Southern Miwok. Except as otherwise stated, specimen numbers refer to specimens in the University of California Museum of Anthropology.

Text Figures

Figure. 23. Brush fence snare.
24. Baited snare.
25. Duck trap.
26. a, duck trap, set. b, trap raised upon approach of birds.
27. Set net for catching fish.
28. Roof plans of assembly houses.
29-85. Basket designs.
86. Field for women’s basketball game.
87. Field for men’s football game.


Map 2.Life zone map superimposed on Miwok areas.
3.Climate map superimposed on Miwok areas.

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