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Yosemite National Park is closed until further notice due to COVID-19

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I was how old when I first visited Yosemite?
0 - 4 years
 [tally] 84
5 - 10 years
 [tally] 95
11 - 15 years
 [tally] 53
16 - 20 years
 [tally] 42
21 - 25
 [tally] 49
26 - 30
 [tally] 35
31 - 39
 [tally] 27
40 - 49
 [tally] 16
50 - 59
 [tally] 16
60 & up
 [tally] 11
Never been there
 [tally] 121
Don't know
 [tally] 19
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